About me

David Gough - NatureslAnswersI have long been interested in which plants (and other things) are good for us ever since, as a child, I was told by my dad, a pharmacist, now retired, that aspirin was derived from the willow tree.

At school I was mostly interested in science subjects and, from a small boy, always assumed I was headed for a career in medicine but in the end I was diverted towards music. But the interest in science has never left me – perhaps it’s the sceptic in me that wants to find good evidence of something before I really believe it.

An interest in health and fitness has seen me qualify in holistic massage and obtain a black belt in the martial art of Kempo Jujitsu, while my wife, also a musician, is a qualified Pilates and Yoga teacher.

A move out of London to the countryside a few years ago has seen a increasing passion for Nature and the natural things of life and so the different threads of my varied interests began to come together.

What struck me in hearing or reading about health effects of, particularly, food and drink,  was the constant stream of contradictory opinions. We are spoon-fed with misleading headlines. Call me cynical but most years, just before Easter it seems, we are likely to see a newspaper headline claiming new evidence that chocolate is good for you. The rest of the year, we’re told to cut down as it’s bad for us. Which is true? The same can be said (at different times of year) for alcohol, tea, coffee, etc. Just what should we believe?

Combining my interests, it is my self-appointed task to find a path through the minefield and try to find out the truth.
I hope you will join me in my quest.

David Gough